A new bill was signed into law that lowers the alcohol limit for a person to be considered "drunk" while they are out hunting.

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The bill was proposed by Long Island State Senator Anna Kaplan and it brings down the limit from .10% to .08%.

.08% is the legal limit for both driving and boating.

According to WIVB, Sentaro Kaplan explained why she proposed the bill.

“If you’re too drunk to drive a car or a boat, then you’re too drunk to pick up a gun and go hunting,” Kaplan said. “This is a common-sense measure that corrects the law so that the standard for intoxication is the same whether you’re driving, boating, or hunting.”


The bill, Senate Bill S2417, passed both houses in the New York State Congress and was signed into law by the Governor on Monday.

Currently Hunting while Intoxicated is considered a misdemeanor in New York an people can be fined up to $500 and could spend up to one year in Jail. They could also have their hunting license revoked for two years.

You can read the entire Bill HERE


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