*PLEASE NOTE: The non-PC term midget appears in this article with the understanding that promotional materials tied to the event are using the word

Get ready for a night of diminutive dropkicks and pint-sized piledrivers! 'Little Mania Wrestling' will be baby stepping into Central New York on Friday, March 1st.

Little Mania Wrestling via Eventbrite
Little Mania Wrestling via Eventbrite


Nothin' Fancy in Vernon will be hosting this teeny-tiny tournament. A description of the event from their Eventbrite page reads:

This show features all of your favorite midget wrestlers. Come early to pre-game and see the stars of Midgets With Attitude while they prep for their big debut. Get in on the action with RING SIDE seats these guys are fast and will have you laughing until you pee in your pants! You've never seen a show like this, come join us for a truly unique experience.

Tickets range from $27.66 for early general admission to $59.13 for VIP ringside (which includes meet and greet). Bell time -- maybe they'll use a bicycle bell? -- is at 8pm.


You've seen regular wrestling, right? It's like that... only smaller. The hijinks typically get dialed up to 11, however. Chances are... somebody's gonna get thrown.

Dwarf Catching
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Professional wrestling featuring little people has been popular since the 1950s with short stars like Little Beaver, Lord Littlebrook and Sky Low Low. Although the attraction peaked in the '70s & early '80s, some still include occasional matchups on their cards today. A more recent little person superstar who gained popularity was Hornswoggle from WWE.

Get your tickets for 'Little Mania Wrestling' here. 

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