Meet Myles, a sweet but shy, 3-year-old black lab. He's looking for a home with older kids to play with.

UPDATE 1/30/21: Myles has been adopted! Here he is with his new family.

House of Paws Rescue in Utica
House of Paws Rescue in Utica

Myles came to House of Paws Rescue in Utica from a high kill shelter out of Florida and is Cindy's Underdog of the week.

Meet Myles. A 3-year-old black lab mix. He is super sweet but needs to find a home with patience. He's very insecure and shy and would need some time to adjust to his new home. Myles says:

Ruff -ruff...When I get nervous all I want is to lean up against someone and have my butt scratch. I need to be the only animal with kids over 10. Bow-wow [Myles]

Once Myles gets to know you and gains his trust, he's very playful and gentle. Jennifer Elizabeth, owner, and operator of House of Paws Rescue, tells us:

He’s all about throwing and stomping his feet around. He will also slowly try to steal a towel or blanket from your hands.

Depending on the sex, a Labrador Retriever stands 21.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 55 to 80 pounds. They have a wide head and eyes that glimmer with kindness and a personality to match. They do need daily exercise to stay physically and mentally fit.

Meet all the dogs looking for a forever home at an open house held every Thursday - Saturday from 12 to 4 PM. House of Paws Rescue is located at 910 Kellogg Road in Utica.

House of Paws Rescue is a nonprofit organization located at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica. Are you inspired to help? Send them a DM via FB, call 315-982-9016, email, find them on Amazon with a wishlist (for food and supplies), or make a financial donation for vet bills at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica.

House of Paws Rescue in Utica
House of Paws Rescue in Utica
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