UPDATE: Cinnabon is being spoiled in Foster Care.

It's hard to imagine what this sweet girl "Cinnabon" has been through, but she's survived it. Now the team at Seventh Heaven Rescue asks for financial donations to help get her healthy and into a loving home.

Cinnabon a 14-year-old Shar-pei/puggle mix living was living in a crate in a dark basement for most of her life. Thankfully a good Samitiarian was aware that the prior owner threatened to let her run loose to fend for herself. Luckily Cinnabon was rescued as well as another dog.

She's now safe with Seventh Heaven Rescue: "At 14 years old, Cinnabon has had a life of sadness. Has she ever been loved and known human kindness? We don’t know. She has spent most of her life living in a basement in a crate. This week her owner threatened to open up the front door and just let her run loose and find a new home. She’s only allowed to have two dogs, and Cinnabon didn’t make the cut. One of our friends Megan From the cat coalition here in Syracuse, was kind enough to get her and another dog to safety. We saw her sweet little face and knew we had to help. We took Cinnabon into our rescue."

Cinnabon was treated for fleas, and she does have some hotspots on her back end where she has been itching. Seventh Heaven Rescue says more than likely she has never had vet care. "Her prior owner had no records. We can feel a mammary mass about the size of a lemon, and of course, we are very worried about that. She is arthritic and has a little bit of a limp when she walks. Being caged most of her life, she’s probably never had any real exercise or walking."

Cinnabon urgently needs a foster that can spend time with her, dote on her and give her the love and kindness she deserves. We don’t want her to spend another second of her golden years sad.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting her and have a comfy, cozy, calm home without small children or young pets bumping into her, please fill out an application at Seventhheavenrescue.org make your donation here. 

Cinnabon is at Seventh Heaven Rescuelocated in Syracuse, NY.

Cinnabon at Seventh Heaven Rescue

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