Price Chopper will be charging 5 cents for paper bags in the wake of the plastic bag ban that goes into effect in New York on March 1st.

Once a plastic bag ban hits stores in March, customers will either need to bring their own bags or be prepared to pay 5 cents for each paper bag they use. Price Chopper isn't alone; Wegman's says it also plans to charge customers for paper bags.

According to USA Today, Mona Golub, a spokesperson for Price Chopper, says "In order to discourage reliance on disposal bags, a deterrent must be placed on them — otherwise paper will replace plastic, and the noble intent of the law, sustainably speaking, will be lost."

The money from the 5 cent fee will be used to offset the cost of the paper bags to the grocery chain.

Plastic bags will still be allowed for specific uses in stores, including prepared foods, raw or sliced meats, and prescriptions.

Will the 5 cent charge encourage you to remember to bring a reuseable bag? Let me know:


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