Pearl Jam are known for their epic live shows and rigorous touring schedule. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers always put on an entertaining show and keep fans on their feet with ever-changing and evolving set lists consisting original and cover songs, but certain songs always seem to be a must.

According to -- a data-driven site that keeps statistics for every Pearl Jam concert -- the group has performed 1,034 concerts dating back to the “Mookie Blaylock” days of 1990. They have played over 355 different songs over the years, averaging about 20 songs per show.

Pearl Jam have played “Even Flow” 844 times, making the track -- by far -- the most played song in its rich catalog. The next song on the most played list is “Alive,” which they have performed 776 times. “Porch,” “Black,” “Jeremy,” “Better Man,” Daughter” and “Do the Evolution” are also high on the list with over 500 appearances each.

“Release,” a ballad from the band’s debut album Ten, is the band’s go to song to open a show appearing in the slot 143 times. “Wash” is second on the list of the top openers with 78 show intros, while “Long Road,” “Oceans,” “Sometimes” and “Corduroy” follow.

It should be no surprise to fans that “Yellow Ledbetter” is used to close most concerts appearing 337 times in the encore slot. Their iconic cover of Neil Young’s “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World,” is next with 156. “Indifference,” “Porch,” and their highly energetic cover of The Who's “Baba O’Riley” round out the band’s top five closers.

It’s interesting to note that Pearl Jam has never performed “Gremmie Out of Control,” “Whale Song,” or its tribute to Layne Staley “4/20/02” off the Lost Dogs album. They’ve also played every song on Temple of the Dog’s only album with the exceptions of “Times of Trouble,” “Your Saviour,” “Four-Wailed World” and “Wooden Jesus,” which they have teased but not played in its entirety. Take a trip down the Pearl Jam rabbit hole at

Pearl Jam are currently working on their 11th solo album. While the band has no tour dates on the books, frontman Eddie Vedder will kick off a European tour on June 9 in Amsterdam. For his tour dates click here.

Pearl Jam Top 10 Live Songs
Pearl Jam Top 10 Live Songs

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