A man in his birthday suit was seen walking down a Central New York street like it was any other day.

The possibly disturbed man was seen strolling a sidewalk in Utica wearing nothing but a pair of shoes. Utica police stopped the gentleman right in front of the Addison Miller pool. They can be seen calmly talking to the naked man who doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

Credit - Victor Voss via Facebook
Credit - Victor Voss via Facebook

A video shared on Facebook has been viewed over 12,000 times.

Hopefully, the man was taken somewhere to get any help he may need.


Naked in New York City

A naked person in New York City is nothing like in Utica. No one seems to even look twice at a man wearing nothing but dress socks at a Manhattan subway station, according to the New York Post.

The man walked out of the station and marched right up with his birthday suit toward 1 Police Plaza, where a uniformed officer was seen calling for help — and casting his eyes away.

The Post said the man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for an evaluation.

Mental Health Issues

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Places Promising Mental Health Help When You Need it in New York

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