Not all heroes wear capes. Some guys just iron them.

James Hook of Greenpoint, New York, is a 50-something man who's become something of a local celebrity, and for pretty good reason-- on weeknights, he brings his own ironing board to a bar called The Mallard Drake in Brooklyn and irons people's clothes for free.

I just thought that was a really fascinating civic enterprise to start.

Supposedly he irons about 20 garments a night ranging from collared shirts to slacks, or whatever else patrons bring in. If it's a slow night, he'll iron his own clothes. While he's working, he'll either chat with the person if they're up for it or zone out with his trusty iPod Shuffle.


It sounds a little weird, but apparently the locals in the area have completely embraced it, praising Hook's friendly demeanor and affable personality.

People are like, 'Look, the Iron Man!' when I walk down the street with my board. It's really nice to be recognized in the neighborhood for that.

New York's 'Iron Man' has apparently been doing this on and off for years, and even founded a ironing union. For his years of public service, the city issued an official proclamation that April 23rd be named in honor of Hook's union.


If you find yourself wrinkled in Brooklyn, you can get your clothes ironed for free on Monday nights at the Mallard Drake, located at 43 Franklin Street.

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