Sleeping naked might be a pretty scary idea for some in Central New York, especially during the winter months. After all, our climate can be pretty cold.

But, according to various studies, it turns out there are a number of perks associated with sleeping in the buff--during the winter, during the summer, at any time of year. The pluses run the gamut from physiological to psychological and everything in between. The common wisdom from all of these studies found the top benefits of sleeping in the nude include:

-Falling asleep faster
-Sleep quality
-Healthy skin
-Stress reduction
-Healthy weight
-Lower diabetes risk
-Vaginal health
-Male fertility

Here's another eye-opener from a different study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Advisor. It discovered that 26% of folks who wear pajamas said they prefer to be clothed, so they don’t have to wash their sheets as frequently.

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