Summer is winding down. I hate to even mention that fact, but like it or not, fall is about to take over. We had a good summer, maybe a bit dry, but not like those recent years when it seemed like every day had rain.

Now is the time to get in those final plans for warm weather activities. Maybe a day trip to see awesome sights around New York State or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our area waterways, lakes, and rivers are still warm, so there's time to cool off at your favorite places to swim.

Or maybe try something you've never done before, but might like to give it a go - visit a nude beach or camp. New York State has a few. I've never been to one, and not sure I'd feel comfortable visiting, but maybe you would.

The website Behind The Scenes NYC published an article about one of its writers' first experiences visiting a nude beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The name of the beach is Gunnison and is the only legal nude beach in New Jersey.

As for nude beaches or just nude communities in New York State, Behind The Scenes NYC lists a few not too far from the Southern Tier, including two near New Paltz - Stony Kills Falls and Split Rock Hole. Also, there's the Full Tan Sun Club just outside of Sprakers, New York, Empire Haven in Moravia, and Juniper Woods Campground in the Catskills.

UPDATE: A reader alerted us of a nudist club not far from the Binghamton area - Bare Lake Nudist Club located just outside of Corning, NY.

Before you visit, contact the organization in advance, and also be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules at each place. Respect for others is the most important rule, but there are others as well. So if a nudist camp or beach is something you may be interested in visiting, check out the group's website for all the details and have fun.

[via Behind The Scenes NYC]

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