LEGOLAND guests claim they are being overcharged on their credit cards and are warning others to check their statements.

Sara Howell says she was charged twice "for my one and only refillable cup," after a visit to LEGOLAND in Goshen, New York. "I don’t understand what’s going on because the park is cashless. It frustrates me because were are forced to use a credit card. Seven dollars and change are expensive for a single parent with children who is a teacher and lives on a very tight budget."

Howell sent a message to LEGOLAND asking for the charges to be taken off her bill. She says she also called her credit card company to dispute the charge. "This may not seem like much to some but I work too darn hard to provide for my family for this kind of mistake."

Sara isn't the only LEGOLAND guest who has seen extra charges. "Happened to me too," said Christine Maitner Heinze. "Saw a weird charge at some place that I didn’t order from."

"This happened with my card," said Jessica Ann. "I waited a few days and the second charge disappeared. I was planning on calling after a week went by but it resolved itself. I think both were pending and only one went through."

The park is cashless and guests are advised to get a pre-paid card. They are even available when you arrive if you haven't purchase one ahead of time. "We bought a visa gift card at guest services with cash to use throughout the park," said Mandy Chan. "No extra fees. No transaction fees. I’d highly recommend using it up that day and discarding it as well. We finished using it at a restaurant outside the park."

We've reached out to LEGOLAND for comment and are waiting to hear back. We'll update the story when we do.

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