"Where's Izzy?" That sign sparked suspicion amongst Guns N' Roses fans in their 1991 video for "Don't Cry," and not long after that, it was revealed that Izzy Stradlin was leaving the group. Years later, the question of "Where's Izzy?" remains. While the guitarist has released music over the years, he's remained out of the spotlight and performances have been fewer and far between. However, a group of Stradlin's fans are hoping that a new petition will catch his attention and inspire him to return him to the public eye.

"We miss you on stage. Please consider playing one concert, just one show, just you and your music, all on your terms of course," opens the message to Izzy in the petition launched by Carlene Bender and the Izzy Stradlin Fan Group.

The message continues, "If you're happy to do more, or to tour, even better. But for now, all we're asking for is just one (solo) show. We’re happy with whatever you’re happy with: your venue, your backing band, no backing band, new songs, old songs, covers, anything, everything. Online or in person; live or pre-recorded; acoustic or plugged; we just want to see and hear you performing."

The petition then goes on to state that the signees will do their best to support said show by attending, spreading the word and purchasing merchandise. Since the petition launched, fans have also been getting the word out by using #Izzyconcert2018 on Twitter. See a video compilation above.

Earlier this year, it was revealed by former Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven that Stradlin had attended a soundcheck at one of the current GN'R lineup's shows, but left afterward and didn't return for the gig.

It should be noted that the petition for Stradlin to play a show is not tied to his Guns N' Roses involvement. The petition is solely interested in just having Stradlin return to the concert stage. You can read more about the petition and sign it here.

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