If you were witnessing chaos unfold before your eyes that you knew would later be considered a historical event, what would you do to commemorate it? For an attendee of Guns N' Roses' infamous 1991 concert in St. Louis, it was to take one of the chairs from the venue home — and now they've put it on eBay.

Yes, it's true. You can actually buy a piece of what became known as the Riverport Riot that took place at the Riverport Amphitheatre near St. Louis after a very pissed-off Axl Rose dove into the crowd, barked about the "lame ass security," shattered his microphone against the stage and walked out. The crowd inevitably also became very pissed-off, and a riot ensued.

The story goes that a fan in the crowd was recording or taking photos of the show, which the frontman noticed during the band's performance of "Rocket Queen." He pointed to the individual and demanded security to confiscate the camera, but they apparently didn't move quickly enough, so he leapt into the audience and started fighting with the guy. He was later sued for initiating the riot. "Fuck You, St. Louis!" was included in the liner notes of the band's Use Your Illusion albums, and they were prohibited from performing there until 2017.

Anyway, the person who listed the chair from the Riverport Amphitheatre didn't actually take it themselves, but a friend they were with did, according to the listing.

"I was in the audience at the GN'R concert that ended in the infamous ban of GN'R in St. Louis in '91. A friend grabbed a chair during the mayhem on the way out and put it in my car. I've held on to this piece of history for 31 years. The wife said it's time to find it a new home. I am auctioning the chair as well as the original ticket stub," the description reads.

Unfortunately — well, if you were really interested in owning the chair — the listing ended, and there weren't even any bids on it. The owner put it up for $100, and offered free local pickup from the St. Louis area or a whopping $257 in expedited shipping. But, you can still check out the original listing, and who knows — maybe they'll put it up again.

See a photo of the listing, and videos of both Rose's stage dive and the riot that followed below.

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