The world-class tribute band ALMOST QUEEN is coming to Utica's historic Stanley Theatre on Friday, December 16th, and you can win tickets with me, Will Phillips, through 96.9 WOUR!

Almost Queen is the most authentic live show since the days of Queen themselves. A deliberate four-piece band, Almost Queen delivers a live performance showcasing signature four-part harmonies and intricate musical interludes. Donning genuine costumes, the band recaptures the live energy and precision, making it the ultimate Queen experience.

To win tickets, just listen to Will Phillips in the afternoon on 96.9 WOUR every day this week. Play my trivia game "What the Hell is That?!" at (or around) 3:30pm, and if you're the first caller with a correct guess, we'll hook you up!












Can you imagine what it would be like to hear Freddie Mercury's iconic voice bouncing off the hallowed walls of Upstate New York's most iconic theaters?! Can you almost imagine it?! Then that's why you need tickets to Almost Queen!

A quick scroll through their Instagram account shows the attention to detail these talented musicians put forth to capture the look and feel of an actual Queen show. Joseph Russo as Freddie Mercury is nearly spot-on!

The only way to go for free is to try your hand at "What the Hell is That?!" each weekday at 3:30pm!

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