Somebody photoshop Jerry Cantrell as Willy Wonka, because Alice in Chains are giving out golden tickets. The rock legends just announced they’ll be playing a secret show this Friday (Aug. 24) in Seattle, and they’ve hidden tickets all around their home city.

Alice in Chains really know how to build buzz for their new album. Though Rainier Fog won’t drop until Friday, Seattle scavengers might be able to get a copy of the album before its official release. The game is simple: 10 signed copies of Rainier Fog are hidden across Seattle and each CD contains two tickets to Alice in Chains’ mystery record release gig.

The band shared a map today on Twitter with the following message: “We're performing in a secret location in Seattle on Friday. We're hiding 10 signed Rainier Fog CDs around the city as a ticket into the show for you and a guest - keep an eye on our IG story for details on these 10 hidden locations. Check IG and FB for more info.”

So far, Alice in Chains have not updated their Instagram Stories feed with clues, so anyone in Seattle still has a chance to grab one of the 10 secret CDs. Keep your eyes peeled on Alice in Chains’ social media pages and happy hunting!

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