When financial success hits, there's a certain satisfaction that comes with being able to purchase items that once seemed out of reach. For Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell, after the band's Facelift album, his success meant that he could buy his first car. But when it came time to purchase the vehicle, things didn't go as planned.

Speaking with Motortrend for a vehicle-centric feature, Cantrell recalled the incident, which had a rather satisfying conclusion. "I remember having cash in the bank to write a check, not put it on a plan, but actually to buy it, and that's what I wanted to do. That was a sense of pride that I had earned the money to do that and that I could. So that was special, and it's funny because the first car lot that I walked on, the guy wouldn't even let me get in the car because of how I looked," he says.

The rocker recalled approaching the lot in combat boots, long johns under his cut-off jeans, wearing a leather jacket and proudly rocking his long golden locks. "I'm like, 'Dude, are you serious? I've got cash to buy a car, a brand-new car. I don't have to have somebody to cosign it. I need to buy a car," said the musician.

After being turned away, Cantrell got the last laugh. "I looked across the street -- it was an auto row area -- and I'm like, 'You just lost a sale, dude. I'm going to walk across that street, I'm going to buy a car. I'm going to come back over here and I'm going to show it to you,' and I did. I walked across the street, bought a fuckin' Ford Explorer, and when I got the paperwork done, I came back by the window and probably flipped him off and then drove off," recalls Cantrell.

These days, Cantrell's ride of choice is his 2016 Range Rover, revealing that SUVs are quite popular in the Pacific Northwest given the area's terrain and challenging weather conditions. The weather also looms over the band's latest album, which the group titled Rainier Fog. The disc was just released late last month.

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