You know when you meet someone and in the first 30 seconds you just know they're not from Central New York? Yeah, that.

You'd think blending in would be pretty easy in CNY would be easy - especially in the winter - just make sure you're dressed warmly and don't drive like an idiot. But for folks who aren't from here, sometimes we just know. Here are 7 ways we can totally tell you're not from here.

1. They try to heat up tomato pie.

No. We know it looks kinda like pizza, but that's not what it's for.


2. They call them black and white cookies, not halfmoons.

Repeat after me: HALF. MOON.

3. They can’t believe convenient store pizza is good. (Corollary: They've never heard of breakfast pizza.)

I mean, it'll do in a pinch.

4. They've never heard of the Boilermaker.

It's kinda hard not to notice 15,000 people running around. Plus, the flyover.

5. They think 20 degrees should keep a person in the house.

Please, that's shorts weather.

6. When they ask for directions to UPS , and when you ask "do you know where the old Kmart was?", and they look confused. (This goes for basically all CNY navigation.)


7. It's snowing, and their car is in a ditch.

Welcome to Central New York!

BONUS: They keep saying "We love when it snows."

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