A Utica mother claims her daughter choked on a zipper found inside a store bought apple pie.

Kelly Marek says she bought a mini apple pie at the North Utica Walmart that had a piece of a zipper inside. "We found it when my kids were eating a snack and my 10 year old started choking on something."

Photo Credit - Kelly Marek
Photo Credit - Kelly Marek

When Kelly realized her daughter was choking, she says she did the Heimlich maneuver to get it out. "Good thing I was trained in that instead of panicking."

Kelly says she called and spoke to a supervisor at Walmart. "I was told they were going to take the pies off the shelves, call the main office and then call me right back." No call back ever came, claims Kelly. "They never did call me back and they didn't take them off the shelf either. We don't want anyone else to get hurt."

That's not sitting well with Kelly who says she taking it even further. "I’m calling the corporate office and if no response I’m calling a lawyer."

UPDATE: The company that made the pies is Table Talk Pies in Worcester Massachusetts. "They contacted me this morning and I’m shipping the pie with the zipper to them for further investigation," says Kelly.

Table Talk’s president Harry Kokkinis told the NY Post, food safety is the highest priority. X-ray machines and metal detectors are used to scan for “foreign objects”.

“Every single pie that is produced in our facility goes through this stringent process. That being said, we take the claim from one of our consumers very seriously and are currently conducting an exhaustive investigation into this matter."

A corporate spokesperson from Walmart also to the Post they are taking the pies from the shelves and working with Table Talk.

"We’re looking into this with the manufacturer and in the meantime out of an abundance of caution have removed the product from the shelves at this store.”

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