After we posted 13 Non-Metal Acts That Metalheads Love, we got slammed with comments on what else should have made the list. So here it is — we rounded up 15 MORE Non-Metal Acts That Metalheads Love.

If you don’t appreciate the wholesome, yet side-splitting, humor of Weird Al Yankovic, that makes you the weird one. Weird Al has been writing classic parodies for decades, taking aim at legends like Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Queen. Each reimagining is handled with the utmost care by Yankovic, and the musicianship he and his band possess is out of this world.

When it comes to metalheads, we love prog even when it’s not super heavy. Of course, that opens the door to rock’s most incredible songwriters like Rush and King Crimson. Experimentation is a dynamic that metalheads have always been behind, so taking a trip back in time and experiencing classic acts who pushed the limit while challenging what popular music could be, is essential.

Let’s all come clean here… Adele is undeniable. Though she may fall into the “pop” spectrum, Adele is able to conjure boundless emotional depth and convey it beautifully with her voice. Metalheads want, more than anything, for the music they embrace to be legitimate. Adele is as legit as they come, which is why metal gods like Zakk Wylde have called her “beyond mind-blowingly talented.”

Check out 15 MORE Non-Metal Acts That Metalheads Love in the Loud List above.

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