It’s rare that fans beg “classic” acts to play the new stuff, but in this Loud List, we give props to band who have been around longer than 30 years and still make great tunes.

Iron Maiden may be the most consistent metal band of all time, only delivering true duds during the Blaze Bayley era. Since Bruce Dickinson’s comeback at the turn of the millennium, Maiden have released more incredible albums than almost anyone in the 21st century, with legitimate all-timers in Brave New World and The Book of Souls.

One of the greatest comebacks in rock history belongs to Alice in Chains. With the legendary Layne Staley long gone from drug addiction, the Seattle alt icons chose to move forward with new singer William DuVall, stunning fans with the excellent Black Gives Way to Blue and The Devil Put Dinosaurs here. With Jerry Cantrell leading the charge, Alice in Chains will launch Rainier Fog this year, and if its singles are any indication, the album will rip.

When it comes to punk, no band has a resume like Bad Religion. Ignoring the disastrous Into the Unknown, Bad Religion’s four-decade discography is spotless, releasing some of the 21st century’s catchiest music. They’re not slowing down either, as the seminal SoCal punks delivered “The Kids Are Alt-Right” just last month.

Check out these 10 ‘Classic’ Bands Who Still Make Great Music in the Loud List above.

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