There are certain things that happen in the world that make you wonder, what in the world were they thinking?

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And not only did they get away with it?

A picture surfaced the other day on Reddit of a young woman who was trying to kiss President John F. Kennedy back in the day right here in Niagara Falls.

You can see in the picture that he wasn't going for it.  As she's leaning in, he's very clearly trying to lean away from her.  The caption on the picture reads September 28th, 1960, and says that the woman's name was Alice Kruk.  Kennedy must have been campaigning in the area at the time considering that he didn't become president until 1961.

So, what was she thinking that day?  She was there with her three children (who are even seen there with her in the picture!). She certainly wasn't the only one who seemed to be in love with Kennedy.  One simple google search will show you how many women he was rumored to have had affairs with.

But can you imagine someone trying to do that with a president (or even someone who was campaigning to become president) these days?  What would happen to them now?You can see one of the people in his security detail glancing on and laughing as Kennedy tries to keep her at arms distance.

Better question, where is Alice Kruk now?  Does she have the story behind this picture?  History definitely doesn't have the documentation that we have today.  Now when something happens, there's a video online almost instantly.  You have to wonder, "What was said and done immediately after the picture was clicked?"

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