Looking for a new model for your extensive wig collection? Maybe a silent sidekick to cheat the carpool lane? Or maybe you're just looking for a roommate who doesn't talk back.

Well, brace yourselves for this bizarre bargain -- several mannequin heads have popped up on Facebook Marketplace in Holland Patent:

Lori Smith via Facebook Marketplace
Lori Smith via Facebook Marketplace

Maybe I'm exaggerating the weirdness a little. Because certainly, if you own a thrift or consignment shop, or have a side hustle selling vintage clothing, then yes, buying a mannequin head would be perfectly normal. I guess it's just weird seeing a picture of several of them together at one time.


Imagine having a bunch of these things looking at you while you eat breakfast with their cold, blank stares. Yeah, no thanks.

Let's talk about the price. Is $20 a good deal for a mannequin head? I couldn't even fathom a guess. But for $20 you'll definitely have a good conversation starter.

Guest: "Who's that?"

You: "Oh, that's Blanche. She's got a keen eye for hats."

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Facebook Marketplace is an endless source of wild and wacky stuff. Whether you're buying mannequin heads to fill an existential void or simply want to freak out the neighbors by putting them in every window of your house, this is the deal you didn't know you needed. So, why not embrace the weirdness and add a few mannequin heads to your life?

Check out the original listing here.

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