The Utica Zoo has suffered a second loss within the same animal exhibit. This time the staff is mourning the death of the zoo's elder male zebra.

On September 11th, the zoo released the tragic news that the two female ostrich were found deceased in the exhibit following what was believed to be the result of aggression from a male Hartmann’s mountain zebra.

The Zoo’s elder male Zebra, Kasane, had experienced incidents of aggression from his son, Rundu. These incidents had been observed as early as mid-August. Several veterinary staff were consulted in Kasane’s care but ultimately he succumbed to complications from previous injuries which was confirmed through Cornell University’s necropsy results.

The combination of animal loss in the same exhibit, yet not related in terms of injury, is devastating to the Utica Zoo team, especially the animal care staff who provide genuine attention to all of the animals. Until next Spring at the earliest, Rundu and the Zoo’s male ostrich, Boomer, will remain separated yet jointly viewable in the exhibit at the entrance of African Ridge.

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Explore The Utica Zoo At Night This Fall

Have you ever wondered what the Utica Zoo is like after dark? You can now experience the animals and zoo, all in a different light. The Utica Zoo is launching Night Prowl. Night Prowl is fun for the whole family, and takes place early in the evening.

2020 Night Prowl Dates (end time indicates the start of final Zoo tour)

Saturday, October 3 7:00 p – 8:00 p

Friday, October 9 7:00 p – 8:00 p

Friday, November 6 5:15 p-7:00 p

Friday, November 14 5:15 p-6:45 p

Cost is $10.00/adults and $8.00/child for members and $14.00/adults and $10.00/child for not-yet-members (cost of Night Prowl + Zoo Admission).

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