Are you ready to get away from it all? Really get away? This tiny house, which is totally off-the-grid, is the perfect escape from modern life. It's just 2 hours from Utica.

For some us, the closest we get to camping is a 4-star hotel that doesn't have room service. For others, a tent and a tea pot are all they need. This rustic tiny house is somewhere between the two. Yes, there's a kitchen, and a bathroom - but they're totally off-the-grid. You've got a wood burning stove, a roof over your head, and gorgeous views - but that's about it.

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The tiny cabin with no power or running water is nestled on 200 acres of private property surrounded by lush woodlands, a short distance from North Creek, New York. From the cabin, you can explore the great outdoors and the Gore Mountain area. In spite of its tiny size, the cabin can accommodate up to four glampers.

There is a sleeping loft with two large sleeping pads, and a single cot bed on the main floor. There's no plumbing or indoor water - so you'll get to use an outhouse nearby. Seriously.

There is no power or running water, and cell service is very limited; however, lanterns and a five-gallon water cooler are provided. Additionally, there is a wood stove in the accommodation, as well as shared facilities by the pond including a picnic area and a screened tent. (Depending on your general outlook, this either your dream vacation, or the set up to a horror movie.)

If you're ready to make your reservation and really unwind, just make your reservations on or HERE.

Tiny Off-The-Grid Cabin



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