Thank goodness for kind people who are in the right place at the right time. A New York State Trooper recently came to the rescue of a woman who was stranded after running out of gas.

Trooper Justin Pierce from the State Police in Cobleskill was at a gas station when he noticed a woman on the hood of her car, sitting next to a cash jar and playing guitar. When Trooper Pierce learned the woman was playing for gas money, he reached into his pockets and paid her enough so she could be on her way.

Troopers all across New York have not been shy when it comes to forking out personal money to ensure someone makes it home safe.

Trooper PJ Colson went the extra mile for a family of three on I-81 in Cortland County, after they ran out of gas and found themselves stranded on the side of the road. In an normal situation, most troopers probably would have just waited with the family until AAA arrived. Instead, Trooper Colson drove to a nearby gas station, used his own money to fill up a gas can and delivered it back to family, ensuring that they could get back on the road safely.

Credit: NYSP Facebook
Credit: NYSP Facebook

Trooper David Guggisberg also stepped up for a family in need when he came across a driver broken down on the Southern State Parkway in Nassau. The driver had a 2-year-old child with them, and were stranded because they could not afford the $70 towing fee. Guggisberg didn't miss a step and immediately offered to pay the fee to get the pair home safely.

New York Trooper Pays Towing Fee For Family With Broken Down Car
New York State Police

Awesome job, Troopers!

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