The Barenaked Ladies pop group once had a hit song that ruminated on the concept of millionaire wealth.

Here in the Utica-Rome region of Central New York, folks are dreamng about winning $10,000 in WOUR's Money For Nothin contest. And then there's speculation on what to do with the money if you won. The "task" of spending $10,000 could be divided into three simple categories.

All of us have either some debt or some bills or some future goals...or ALL of the above. The money could be easily be applied to the Niagara Mohawk account, the car payment, the mortgage or SUNY college tuition.

Many of us have a favorite charity or two, like the Stevens Swan Humane Society or the Veterans Outreach Center that we'd love to help out with an injection of cash.

Let's face it. This is the category we're really drawn to in the face of a potential windfall. Here's what we'd buy:

  • A 10-year season ticket package to the Utica Comets hockey team
  • 4 years of monthly massages
  • 7,143 delicious half moon cookies from Holland Farms
  • One crazy shopping spree at Target
  • One pair of Key Closet diamond-studded jeans, with one full diamond carat on each back pocket

Oh yeah, make sure to listen to WOUR weekdays for the code words you need to register to win. All the details are right here.

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