The Utica City School District has filed a lawsuit against Birnie Bus.

According to WKTV, the countersuit against the bus company claims Birnie owes the school district over $34 million for damage incurred since 2016.

Birnie Bus had filed a lawsuit in July, claiming the district owed them $2.7 million for invoices from April May and June of 2020 when the bus service was not used, but the company had to remain staffed and ready to work.

According to court documents filed in August, the district accuses Birnie Bus of various contract violations, including route deviations, unsafe driving, delays in routes and failing to provide service.

The countersuit alleges Birnie did not meet its contractual obligations over the past four school years by:

  • Failing to pick up about 300 students per year
  • Picking up students late about 125 time per year
  • Dropping off students at the wrong locations about 20 times per year
  • Dropping off students late about 100 times per year

UCSD also accused Birnie of failing to return their calls 100 times and lying about having appropriate levels of staffing to meet contractual obligations.

The School District is asking that Birnie Bus’ original suit be dismissed, and that the district be awarded the more than $34 million sought in damages.

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