Anyone who's traveled up north via Rt. 28 has probably seen this tiny, abandoned brick building in Eagle Bay. It's on the intersection of Rt. 28 and Big Moose Road. The building is somewhat of an anomaly, in that it manages to be two stories tall, but is still really, really small. So what the heck was it used for?

While headed up to Lake Placid for the weekend, I decided to try to get to the bottom of it. As previously mentioned, the building is in Eagle Bay, between Old Forge and Inlet. I took a quick photo and posted it to the Adirondack sub-Reddit group. The group has around 40,000 members, so I thought, surely, somebody here must know the answer.

Here was my original post:


My post got a good deal of traction on the group, with a lot of people chiming in that they've also been curious about the building. Some people chimed in with their best educated guesses: A small firehouse, an old telephone building, an electrical building. The response that got the most "up votes" was an old post office.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I decided to reach out to Bird's Adirondack Real Estate in Eagle Bay, just due to their proximity to the building. Here's what the nice lady on the phone told me:

Back of the building (Will Phillips)
Back of the building (Will Phillips)

As far as I know, it was originally an old electrical building, which later was used for fire training. Most recently I think it was used by the local market to store their empty bottles, cans and recyclables.

Do you know what this tiny brick building was used for? Hit is up! We'd love to solve this mystery!

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