There's something about a donut that's just perfect. In honor of National Donut Day, we asked where to find the very best in Central New York, and you let us know.

Is there any food that offers the sweetness, ubiquity, and versatility like a donut? No - we say - there isn't. Donuts can come in any variation - sweet or savory, plain or completely overloaded, classic or innovative. In fact the humble donut is basically a blank slate for culinary creativity.

We asked you where to get the very best donuts in Central New York, and these are the 10 donut shops you voted the best.

The Top 10 Donut Shops in Central New York

  • Friendly Bake Shop - Frankfort
  • Holland Farms - Yorkville
  • White Rose Bakery - Little Falls
  • Lyncourt Bakery - Syracuse
  • Dunn's Bakery - Canastota
  • The Donut Shop - Eagle Bay
  • Daylight Donuts - New Hartford
  • Dippin' Donuts - New Hartford
  • Glazed and Confused - Syracuse
  • Star Bakery - Whitesboro

Of course, for research purposes, we'll have to visit every single one and try their best donuts - because we're scientific like that.

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