The coffee is back to brewing. The hand made pastries are back to baking. Holland Farms will re-open after a small fire shut the bakery for a few days.

If you stop for your morning cup of joe, donut, or half moon to start the day, be patient. The fire left the baker with just one oven that can only produce about 70% of the normal product. "Hopefully you won’t notice that we might not be baking a few things, but if you do we apologize in advance," Holland Farms shared on Facebook.

Things are expected to back to 100 percent in a week or so."Thank you all for your continued support through this. We are so thankful."

An early morning fire on Monday, May 17, closed down the bakery. It broke out in the ceiling around 2AM and owner Marolyn Wilson said it appeared to be electrical. "We're not sure, but luckily there was no roof damage."

Employees baking the tasty treats for morning customers managed to get out and called 911. Firefighters had the flames under control in about 20 minutes but there was a water main break when hoses were hooked up.

"Luckily the fire was minor but it was food," said Wilson. "The Health Department has been called as well as the insurance adjuster."

Holland Farms History

Holland Farm's founding bakers came from Holland to the U.S. in 1955, and they're still using the original recipe to this day.

The famous jelly bun takes 3 hours to make and the secret is in the filling. The Black raspberry jelly manufacturer only continues to produce it because Holland Farms uses so much of it. They purchase countless pallets of the fruity filling at one time. And they sell 60 to 100 dozen jelly buns per day.

No wonder employees start baking at 9PM for the next day. That's A LOT of donuts they have to make.

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