We've had quite a few snow storms roll through Central New York this winter, so what better way to take advantage of the weather than to get out and enjoy the snow!

The annual cardboard sled race is back this Saturday, February 20 at Skaneateles Ski Hill, so grab the whole family and get to crafting your very own sled for this weekend's event.

Never made your own sled before? No worries! There are two categories you'll be aiming for when crafting this week: speed and creativity. There will be winners for the fastest sled and the most creative sled design. But remember: Participants are only allowed to use cardboard and duct tape. Time to put that stack of old boxes to good use! All others materials are prohibited.

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Just check out these amazing sleds from past years' events in Skaneateles. I mean, from the pirate ship to the excavator, there have been some awesome-looking contenders over the years.

Next Saturday, 2/20, is our annual cardboard sled race. 📦👊🏻

Open to all! 😎 Sleds must only be constructed of cardboard...

Posted by Skaneateles Ski Hill on Sunday, February 14, 2021

All sled submissions must be ready-to-go and at the top of Skaneateles Ski Hill by 12 p.m. on Saturday for inspection and the race soon after.

Skaneateles Ski Club is also amping up its annual event this year with pizza. Bring your own toppings of choice from home, and reserve your pizza online through the club's website.

The Skaneateles Ski Club is located at 2995 State Route 174, Marietta, NY, 13110. Read more about the club, lesson opportunities, upcoming events and more throughout the season on its website.

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