Here's a Christmas tale out of Upstate New York that's sure to melt the hearts even the most Grinch-like people.

According to an incredible Facebook post on December 12 by a woman named Debbie Bates, a thin but friendly Bobtail cat was discovered in her barn in Greene, New York back in mid November. Despite suspicions that the cat might have owners elsewhere, Bates welcomed the cat into her home, named her Bobbi, and she quickly became an interim member of the family.

A Facebook post about Bobbi was made, hoping to reunite her with her original owners, but weeks passed without any claims. But that all changed when a woman from New Jersey contacted the Bateses, claiming Bobbi as her long-lost cat.

Yeah, you read that right... New Jersey! Wild, right? The story gets even more incredible as more details emerged:

The woman had a horse farm in NJ. This past September she bought a truckload of hay from someone in NY. After she got the load from the seller, while the trailer was at her barn , her 2 cats jumped into the trailer and rode all the way back to Greene.

The original owner made the journey from New Jersey with her daughter in tow to reunite with their beloved cat, turning this story into a genuine Christmas miracle. Along with perhaps a touch of divine intervention, it's also a reminder of just how gritty and tenacious cats can be.

We're wishing both families -- and Bobbi -- all the best following this touching tale.

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