Two police officers came to the life-saving rescue of an infant drowning in a bathtub in Syracuse.

Sgt. Malinowski of the Syracuse Police posted the news on the department's Facebook page, writing that officers Joseph Blazey and Shaquille Muhammad, along with a local fire department and AMR ambulance, responded to the drowning call on West Newell Street on Sunday afternoon, where they were told that the 1-year-old boy was drowning.

A 3-year-old sibling had submerged the young child in the water while they were taking a bath, causing the 1-year-old to become unresponsive. The responding officers told that the children's mother was nearby during the incident.

Blazey and Muhammad immediately went to work, providing first aid and CPR on the infant. Just a few moments later, the child began coughing up water and breathing again.

According to the post, first responders transported the child to Upstate University Hospital and he is expected to survive. Officials also notified Child Protective Services of the incident. recently spoke with Blazey and Muhammad, who joined the department in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Both men said this was the first time they have had to use CPR since the police academy. Luckily, the men's training kicked in as they responded quickly, saving the little boy's life.

"It was extremely new for me," Muhammad told "The gears just started turning."

Thank you to Officers Blazey and Muhammad for their amazing and quick work!

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