Now that most of Western New York got its first dose of snow this Winter, many of us had to break out the snowblowers.

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Of course, with snowblowers come people who don't know the "Rules of Etiquette" when it comes to snow blowing. While there are not many of them, there are certain ones that everyone with a snowblower should be following.

Some of these rules will help keep you on the right side of the law and protected from any fines or lawsuits. Some of these rules will just help you be a good person and a good neighbor.

Now if you don't have a snowblower, like me, and still use the good ole shovel to rid your driveway of snow, you can still follow these rules. These will also help you stay on the right side of the law and help you be a good neighbor too.

Of course, if you know someone in your neighborhood who violates some of these rules, feel free to send them an email link to this page or post on their social media so they get the message and become a better snowblower for the neighborhood.

Now some of you might argue some of these rules. That is OK. Feel free to send me your side of the issue and if you can sway my thinking with your argument I will update the "Rules of Etiquette" and repost with your views edited into the list.

Now as you get ready to start up your snowblower, as you curse out Mother Nature for the amount of snow that is currently sitting in your driveway, make sure you follow these 5 simple "Rules of Etiquette" for snow blowing in New York.

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