Is the town of Oswego big enough for two national fried chicken chains?

A new Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen opened recently in the Central New York port city, and they received a welcome message from the unlikeliest of sources: KFC.

These photos come courtesy of Cheryl McKeown Accordino of Oswego, and was later reposted by the Friends of Oswego Facebook group.

KFC: "Welcome Popeyes"

Popeyes' response: "Thanks KFC, we'll take it from here."

There's nothing wrong with some good ol' fashioned friendly competition.

According to KFC's website, there are currently 159 locations across New York State.

According to Popeyes' website, there are almost 200 locations across New York State, including the new one at 240 NY Route 104 in Oswego. The latest Popeyes took over the building previously occupied by an Arby's. Doors opened at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 20th, and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held later that day, attended by Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

Popeyes' restaurants seem to have had a lot of momentum recently, with new ones routinely popping up across New York, and Central New York specifically. Just this past April, Liberty Restaurants LLC opened a new Popeyes in New Hartford, located at 4752 Commercial Drive.

The very first Popeyes opened its doors in 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana. They had 3,705 locations as of 2021, which is obviously growing.

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in Utah 20 years earlier, in 1952. According to Wikipedia, KFC is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (in sales) after McDonald's. They had 22,621 locations globally, as of 2019.

Best of luck to the Oswego KFC and Popeyes in their fried chicken wars!

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