The person who was captured on video leaving kittens in the Herkimer County Humane Society [HCHS] parking lot has come forward.

The person abandoned three cats at 12:39 pm on Tuesday, January 14, in the HCHS parking lot. Two kittens, 10 to 12 weeks old, have been recovered, their mother is still at large.

The HCHS issued an alert asking the public to identify the person in the security camera video, that video has since been removed as the person has come forward.

HCHS says there is a process for relinquishing an animal, including providing the shelter with pertinent information regarding your pet, including medical records so they can provide them with proper care.

They deserve the respect & dignity of the previous owner providing us with their name, personalities, medical issues, and, most importantly, a safe transition.

Here's a statement from HCHS President, Robert Schrader:

HCHS would like to thank the individual for coming forward and confessing to abandoning the kittens in the shelter parking lot. They have worked with HCHS and been forthcoming concerning the event and display regret as they didn’t realize the importance of a safe surrender and the potential consequences for pets discarded outside of the facility.

HCHS is under surveillance at all times and irresponsible disposing of animals will not be tolerated. The shelter is open daily from 8-4 and contact with the manager or assistant manager is required to coordinate the safe surrender of an animal within Herkimer County.

The person responsible has requested the video be removed from social media following their cooperation. HCHS is in agreement with this request since this person voluntarily contacted us sincerely expressing remorse for the event of that day.

Schrader tells us that if pet owners would spay and neuter their animals, then things like this wouldn't happen.

No charges have been filed.

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