New York has made another list highlighting our incredible food. This time, we took 2 slots on a list of the 24 Best Foodie Cities In The US.

The "24 Best Foodie Cities In The US" list came from Mashed. The food scientists at Mashed put together this list to highlight all the incredible dining options across the United States:

We've selected the top foodie destinations in the country that highlight the best of the best. With varied options like New York City bagels, fresh Hawaiian poke, Philly cheesesteaks, Fenway franks, she-crab soup, and Cuban sandwiches, there's something for every palate on our culinary journey."

New York took the Number 1, and Number 10. So what cities were highlighted?

Number 1- Buffalo New York

Not shockingly, Buffalo was highlighted for chicken wings. It had some other mentions too including serving up authentic Polish food, and beef on weck.

Although five-alarm deep-fried wings are a traditional Buffalonian treat, you can get yours mild or medium instead."

Food Network Chef and TV Star Alton Brown recently made headlines when he posted to his social media explaining that he was wrong about Buffalo and the city that invented the chicken wings. Originally, he claimed he wasn't a fan of the wings back in 2018. He changed his tune here in 2022.

Number 10- New York City

New York City is well known for bagels, cheesecake, and New York-style pizza. That's exactly what was highlighted:

The Big Apple has some seriously iconic dishes, and one of the most prominent has got to be its super-thin pizza.

We can't argue that logic.

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Here's a look at those 8:

8 Of The Oldest Pizzerias In The United States Come From New York State

Back in 2017, Thrillist published a list of the oldest pizzerias from across the country. They were able to research 21 restaurants from coast to coast. Here in New York, we were able to snag 8 of those 21. That's a huge honor and privilege.

Which New York restaurants made the list? Which New York State pizzeria is the oldest? Here are all the New York shoutouts from the list thanks to Thrillist:

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