There are a lot of naysayers in the Empire State when it comes to the weather, the job situation, our tax burdens--you name it.

But, apparently things are getting better. And happier. Just two years ago, financial services website WalletHub released its findings of 2017's Happiest States and New York finished 22nd. The study was based on a series of factors, such as depression rate, physical health index, life expectancy, income level, job security and satisfaction, average leisure time spent per day, and more. WalletHub has updated its survey and this week published 2019's Happiest States.

New York is up to 15th.

But...there was much disparity in the final analysis. While New York was 15th OVERALL, it placed 7th in "Physical and Emotional Well-Being." New York also had the lowest suicide rate in the U.S.

On the flip side, New York was 39th in "Work Environment" and 40th in "Community."

Hawaii was the happiest state in 2019, while West Virginia was the most miserable.

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