There are some things kids just shouldn't have to see, especially when walking to school.

On the morning of Thursday, February 29th, a Long Island girl was walking to school when she stumbled upon something totally horrifying -- a severed arm on the side of the road.


The girl then phoned her dad, who wasted no time dialing 911.

As the Suffolk County Police descended on the scene with a K-9 unit, the dog sniffed out another arm not too far from the first one, near Southards Pond Park in the town of Babylon.

The cops also stumbled upon a leg in a pile of leaves on the other side of the park.

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Police disclosed that the two arms found appear to have belonged to a male. One of the arms had a tattoo and no fingertips. Investigators said they're still in the dark about the identity of the individual, or if they're even from the same person. They also said the parts appeared to have been dumped recently.


This bizarre and gruesome discovery is the second incident in the past few weeks involving a severed appendage found in downstate New York. Earlier in February a dismembered leg was found on the subway tracks between the 167th St. stop and 170th St. stop in the Bronx.

An investigation into that case determined that the leg belonged to a man who had been struck by a subway car days earlier.

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