If you're not used to using them, tales of New York City's subway system can sound pretty harrowing. The occasional shooting, stabbing, drug overdose or other violent/bizarre incident is not all that uncommon to hear about in the Big Apple. But this latest gruesome discovery stands out as one of the more peculiar ones in recent memory.



New York City police reported the discovery of a dismembered leg over the weekend along the 4 line, situated between 167th and 170th streets in the Bronx.

Detectives are currently trying to unravel the mystery behind the limb's owner, and how it may have found its way onto the tracks. The city's medical examiner has taken custody of the leg in hopes of shedding light on its origins.

As of this writing, details about the leg -- whether it belongs to a male or female, or even how much of it was found -- have not been disclosed to the public.
Photo by Andy Henderson on Unsplash
Photo by Andy Henderson on Unsplash


The unsettling leg discovery follows a series of disturbing incidents within the New York City subway system, involving various fatalities and assaults. According to the NYPD, subway-related crime has surged by 22% this year, prompting the appointment of an additional 1,000 officers to bolster security measures. But despite these efforts, most people probably aren't too jazzed about using the subway these days.

Did you visit New York City recently, and misplace a vital appendage? You're encouraged to get in touch with the New York Police Department to reclaim your lost item. In the meantime, subway officials will be "stepping up" efforts to find the leg's owner.

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