New York State's Legislature passed the new Congressional redistricting map along strict party lines on Wednesday and as a result, we're about to learn some new names.

I won't get into the fact that this was an egregious example of gerrymandering by Democrats (Republicans are doing the same thing in other states) and cuts up the districts in the middle of counties, villages, cities, and metro areas.

Rome becomes a part of the 21st district along with Whitesboro, Marcy, and New York Mills, while Utica, Clinton and New Hartford are a part of the 19th Congressional District. Herkimer County is also a part of the 21st Congressional District.

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Here's something to put this in perspective: Lake Placid is in the same 21st District as the city of Rome. Marcy, where Townsquare's radio stations are located, is in the same district as Mount Marcy, NY, which is nearly 4 hours away.

And, that's not the worst of it. New York Mills is also in the 21st, along with Champlain, NY, which is 265 miles away, in the upper most northeast part of the state at the Canadian Border. If you bring your passport and travel another 40 miles north of Champlain, you'll be driving through downtown Montreal.

US Gov
This is the newly drawn Congressional Map in New York State. Credit: US Government

"It is what it is," is the best saying that comes to mind right now as we'll be dealing with these district lines until the next census in 10 years. For now, all we can do is come to the realization that we're going to have to learn some new names.

New Names to Become Acquainted With

Let's start with the elimination of the current 22nd Congressional District currently represented by Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. With the newly aligned 22nd, 19th and 24th Districts leaning heavy Democrat, Tenney has decided to run completely outside our area and in 23rd Congressional District in the Finger Lakes region. Rep. Tom Reed, a moderate Republican, is retiring after this year leaving the door wide-open for Tenney to run in the now heavy Republican district. This means Tenney will not be representing her hometown New Hartford or any part of the Mohawk Valley region. The new 23rd begins south of Hamilton near Norwich, and travels west including Elmira, Corning, Hornell, and to the border of Lake Erie, from south of Buffalo to Fredonia.

Rep. Elise Stefanik  (R) The new 21st Congressional District

Elise Stefanik (NY-21) is a rising star in the Republican Party and is now third highest ranking member of the minority. She holds a great deal of power in Congress, especially if Republicans take control of the House following this November's election. Stefanik is the Chair of the House Republican Conference and is also on the House Armed Services Committee, which could be very helpful in 2023 because Rome Labs, DFAS and Griffiss International and Business Park are all a part of her district. During the latest redistricting, Stefanik lost Fort Drum and Watertown to the newly aligned 25th Congressional District which stretches from Lake Ontario near Buffalo, down below Rochester and up into the North Country into Watertown and Alexandria Bay.

Some additional names to look for in District 21 according to are:

Lonny Koons (R) - Retired Truck Driver & Iraq/Afghan War Veteran
Matt Castelli (D) - Ex-National Security Council Official & Ex-CIA Officer
Bridie Farrell (D) - Child Sexual Abuse Victims Advocate & Ex-Speed Skater
Matt Putorti (D) - Attorney & LGBT Rights Activist
Ezra Watson (D) - Equipment Engineer & Progressive Activist

Representative Antonio Delgado (D) The new NY-19

The new 19th Congressional District is now a Democratic stronghold and includes the city of Utica, New Hartford, Clinton, Hamilton and Cooperstown. The problem is that the district also goes all the way down into the Catskill Mountains, and further south down to New Paltz, and then up into Kingston and Hudson, across the Hudson River near Hyde Park, as it borders the state of Massachusetts all the way back up until Albany. It will be interesting to see how much Congressman Delgado pays attention to the Greater Utica area.

One Republican Delgado has to look out for is Dutchess County Executive and former Republican nominee for Governor in New York, Marc Molinaro. Molinaro has name recognition throughout the district because of his unsuccessful challenge to then Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2018. Delgado will certainly have the advantage in this 2022 race as Democrats carved the district meticulously to protect the seat for Delgado. Delgado, a Colgate and Harvard graduate, won reelection to his two-year term in 2020. Another Republican, Brandon Buccola, is also said to be running for the seat.

Rep. John Katko's Replacement (Most likely a Democrat) The new NY-22

The new 22nd Congressional District is another carved out Democratic stronghold covering the Syracuse area where moderate, and critic of President Donald Trump, John Katko is currently the representative. Katko is retiring and a host of Dems and Republicans have announced their candidacy for the seat. The Democrats will have the advantage in this district as it covers the Syracuse region, and down as far as Ithaca, and over to Trumansburg, Aurora, Geneva, Seneca Falls, and Auburn. The district also touches the western portion of the Greater Utica-Rome area including Munnsville, Stockbridge, Wampsville and over to Oneida.

Here are some names to watch for in the new 22nd according to These candidates have remained in the race going forward, despite redistricting. One of these people will most likely serve in Congress.

Mikayla Ridley (D) - College Admissions Counselor
Josh Riley (D) - Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
Hal Stewart (I) - Marketing Executive & Navy Veteran

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