It is not your card it is actually a nationwide problem. While working on another story this afternoon I came across numerous posts on Facebook stating that people in the Hudson Valley and other parts of New York are having problems using their bank cards at grocery stores and other large retailers.

Reports are coming in from New Paltz, Fishkill, and other spots in New York say places like Lowes, Shoprite, and Tops that the card machines at these stores are down and out of service. One person reported that it appeared card machines were down all over New Paltz. Some speculated that it could be the result of work being done in town but it appears to be a bigger issue.

Nationwide Credit Card Outage Today

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

What I can report from what I have uncovered online it seems to be affecting Master Card and VISA and has something to do with Chase Banking. American Express and other cards don't seem to be having this issue at the moment. According to an article I found from several retailers from coast to coast are experiencing credit card outages.

Reports indicate locally in northern Virginia that the backbone network, run by Chase Bank, is experiencing issues. (

This afternoon (June 10, 2022) was reporting outages for VISA across the United States with the East coast being effected the most from Atlanta to New York. Basically, this story is still unfolding so as we head into the weekend be aware that if you are trying to use your bank card at a retailer affected by this over the weekend you may have trouble checking out.

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