Cases of COVID-19 in the Central New York community and beyond continue to rise as we creep closer to the holiday season. While some supermarkets in other regions of the country are experiencing a second wave of toilet paper shortages amidst rising cases, Wegmans is trying to prevent that apocalyptic look of bare shelves and just updated its list of limited purchase items for its stores across the Northeast.

Prior to the update, Wegmans' limited purchase list included paper towels, household cleaners, disinfecting wipes, Wegmans peanut butter, disinfectant sprays, kitchen trash bags, freezer bags, food storage bags, disposable paper plates, toilet paper and items containing Famotidine, according to WHAM. The supermarket chain has now added napkins and facial tissues to its list, and, according to WHAM, is working with its suppliers to build up reserves of popular products for the holiday and winter seasons.

Over the weekend, officials in states like Oregon and Washington implemented new COVID restrictions in an attempt to curb the recent spike in cases. But as soon as word hit the streets about the new restrictions from the state governors, residents hit the grocery stores, panic-buying essential items and leaving the toilet paper aisle nearly completely empty.

Check out the scene from a Target in Portland, Oregon. Someone better grab that Charmin before it's gone!

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As COVID cases continue to rise across New York and both state and local officials threaten another shutdown, there's one thing we can all agree on: The last thing we need is a lack of toilet paper...or any other essential, for that matter.

So quit panic-buying and keep your neighbors in mind the next time you're at the grocery store.

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