Running your air conditioner all day, every day seems like a great idea in order to stay cool when it's so hot outside... that is until the electric bill comes. Bustle explains that there are ways to stay cool while also keeping your electric bill down this summer.

  • Block the sunlight with darkening shades or blinds on the windows. I know that it is tempting to want to let all of the sunlight in during the summer because it's rare in Broome County to have any sunlight at all, but it's the sun that's heating your house, so try to restrict how much sunlight gets into your house to help keep it as cool as possible inside.
  • Open your windows at night though as that's when the air outside is coolest. You won't need to use your air conditioner or fans at all if you let the cool outside air into the house at night.
  • Check your air filters in your air conditioner as dirty filters block the air from moving around the house. Your bill is likely to fall once you change your filters as a clean filter allows the air to move more freely around the house and cooling down your rooms more easily.

It's hard not to want to stay inside with the air blasting as you move as little as possible and sip on a mojito, but that's just not an option when you have to go outside, walk the dog and go to work. So saving as much as you can on your electric bill is super important if you're cooling a house that you're not always in.

(via Bustle)

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