Though it doesn't feel like it right now, experts are predicting this summer will be a hot one. New York State wants to help you stay cool.

New York State is providing free air conditioners in the form of $6 million in financial assistance to those in need. The program is designed to help vulnerable New Yorkers keep cool during the hot summer months.

Applications for the program - which is on a first-come, first-serve basis - opened on May 1. Last summer, $5.5 million was allocated and a total of nearly 8,000 households received cooling assistance, compared to $3 million and 4,000 households in 2017.

To qualify, applicants must meet existing HEAP eligibility criteria and income guidelines, which vary by household size, and have at least one member of the household that suffers from a documented medical condition exacerbated by extreme heat. For example, a household of four can earn up to $55,178 a year, or $4,598 a month, and still qualify for assistance.

If you'd like to apply, you need to go to your County department of social services. They will accept applications through August 30, or until funding runs out.


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