The NFL regular season and postseason is expected to have some pretty big changes moving forward.

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According to WIVB, the NFL will be discussing a new collective bargaining agreement this week during meetings in New York City. A new CBA could be done by next week'd NFL Combine.

The new deal will include a 17-game regular season, which is one more than the previous 16-game season. It will also include one less preseason game and seven playoff teams per conference, instead of the previous six. Just one team will earn a bye-week in the playoffs.

The regular season change to 17 games won't take place until the 2021 regular season but the 14-team playoff (seven per conference) is expected to be in place this upcoming season, if everything goes to plan, which means the CBA is passed this off-season.

This means the Bills will also play 17 games by 2021. I'm assuming every other year they will play 9 home games at New Era Field.

Read more at WIVB.

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