Tom Brady Officially Signs With Tampa Bay
The long wait for Tampa Bay Buccaneers' fans is over, Tom Brady is officially a Bucc. Since word got out that Brady was headed to Tampa Bay ESPN's Adam Schefter reports many free agents have reached out to join him. Has adding Brady swung the balance of power in the NFC to the Buccaneers?
Where Will Tom Brady End Up?
On our Marriott Facebook Live Segment this week, Chris Onorato, Eric Hannmann and I discussed what the heck is going on with Tom Brady, where he will ultimately end up and what the process may look like as he looks like he will hit free agency. Check it out below!
Which New York Star Has The Best Odds Of Being The Next NFL MVP?
The New York NFL teams each have a young quarterback they're hoping will be their future. The Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen, The Giants have Daniel Jones and the Jets are counting on Sam Darnold. Which of the three does think has the best chance of being named MVP in 2020/2021?

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