Lake George can be a fun destination year-round. Swimming, concerts and fireworks in the Summer. Fishing, skating and even an Ice Castle in the Winter months. The lake draws people from all over the world but if you aren't careful it can be a dangerous place as well.

Recently a Florida resident learned that ATV's aren't at their best under the icy waters of Lake George.

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According to the New York Department of Conservation, an individual visiting Lake George from Florida decided to head out on an ATV adventure. Sounds like fun, until that ATV ends up submerged under water!

Remember those mild days we had last week? One Tuesday February 22nd the temperatures were in the 50's. Add in some rain and the Lake George ice starts to thaw and an ATV will start to sink.

New York State Forest Rangers were dispatched to assist the Floridian stranded on the ice in the Mother Bunch Islands area. This is about half way between the village and Ticonderoga.



The 52-year-old from Florida was on an ATV and struck a heave in the ice, trapping the ATV. Forest Rangers along with Environmental Conservation Police Officers responded on an airboat.

Once Rangers got the individual safely to shore they attempted to remove the ATV. The ATV was stuck too deep in the ice, so the responders attached ice buoys and a floating marker so they could return later when conditions were better to retrieve the machine.

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