Ever heard of a blue lobster? They are very, very rare and this one has quite the backstory. This little dude almost became someone's dinner.

So a blue lobster may seem like a bit of an oddity. Well, because it is. In fact, only one in two million lobsters have this genetic defect. The defect is something that causes their bodies to produce too much of a certain protein which gives them the blue coloration according to National Geographic.

We had previously reported about this one in two million lobster. It was actually found at a Capital Region restaurant and was set to be served up on a plate with quite the hefty price tag. Instead, someone actually was able to recognize the rarity of this crustacean and was actually able to snag them away. From that point, the blue lobster made its way to a different kind of tank.

In this tank, they weren't surrounded by peers about to become dinner, but other lobsters of equal rarity. Even including an orange lobster. The blue lobster now calls the Via Aquarium in Rotterdam home. This aquarium is perfect for anyone who is seeking a cool day trip with their significant other or kids. It is so perfect for that because it is only an hour away from Utica. Drive down the thruway toward Albany and get off at Exit 26.

If you are interested at all in checking out this aquarium, here is quite a little sneak peek into their tanks. Check out the photos below of some of the other fish they also happen to have.

Other Fish To Be Found At Via Aquarium In Rotterdam

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