The National Weather Service depends on "Average Joes" like us to report snowfall totals when we get blasted with the likes of Winter Storm Gail. So, they are offering some tips on how to do it the right way.

I remember a few years back, there was a big dispute over hat some were calling a record snowfall. If memory serves, it was in Redfield, NY where citizens felt they had set a one-day record for accumulating snow, however; the Weather Service felt a proper measurement wasn't taken. If you're looking to break records here's how it's supposed to be done, per the weather officials.

  1. Find a flat area away from trees and buildings.
  2. Take several measurements in the same area and average them.
  3. Measure to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Once you have completed you can email your findings to:
Share them on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, call 1-888-603-1402, or fill out this online form. Include the location (town and county), time and date and if possible include a photo.


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Winter Storm Gail Buries the Northeast

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